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how we WORK

Further is your co-founder of choice.

Work with us
We created Further to be the ultimate co-founder. We take common stock, take care of seed capital, deal with regulators, and bring our collective expertise to make sure our ventures have the best chance to becoming category leading companies.

Launch capital to Series A.

We want founders focused on building and finding product market fit, not collecting angel checks to make next payroll. We fund ideas pre-company formation, provide seed capital to Series A, and reserve capital for follow-ons to assure a strong market signal.

Talent Sourcing / Human Capital Support

Whether helping you find a co-founder to compliment your skills or helping recruit your engineering team, we have one of the deepest talent networks in our region as well as a full time talent acquisition team to support your recruitment efforts.

Product, Design & Development

Our team can supplement product and engineering roles until your company is ready to run on its own. Meet an amazing Further team member who you want to join your startup? If you convince them, we would be delighted to have them join your journey!

Regulatory & Legal Support

Your entire legal stack has been thought of. From investment documents to ESOP, we take care of incorporation end-to-end. We also have full time regulatory support as strong familiarity with our regulatory landscape, meaning that creating innovative fintech and digital asset companies does not scare us.

Business Development & Market Entry Support

We have a deep executive and advisor network allowing us to make c-suite introductions for our founders at some of the largest organisations in our region, including telcos, port operators, retailers, banks, exchanges, and many others.

The way we do, what we do, matters.

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The technology in agriculture is still nascent, and with the current developments happening, we could see a wider range of crops being produced in vertical farms. "

Elie Skaf
Founder, Rightfarm
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“The team at Further knew exactly how to take my idea to market”

Sonali patel
CEO, Google
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