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Interested in defining, building, and launching new companies? We are seeking co-founders, colleagues, and collaborators to help us create lasting technology companies in FinTech, Digital Assets, Supply Chain, and beyond.
We are based in Abu Dhabi, but have colleagues around the world. Explore current opportunities, including co-founder roles below. Don’t see a job opening that matches what you are looking for? Get in touch with us directly ( and we can work together to see where you fit in!
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Working here has its benefits.

Remote Friendly
Unless your role specifically requires you to co-locate with us, we want you to be where you are productive and connected. Everyone in the Abu Dhabi office is encouraged to work remotely over the summer to re-charge. We have travel allowances and generous leave to help encourage this practice.
Health and Family are a Priority
No matter where you are based, Further will provide Medical Insurance. Caring of young kids or elderly family members? We will work with you on a schedule that allows you prioritize their wellbeing.
Remote pizza parties can only do so much. Teams participate in quarterly activities, continued education and training, and an opportunity to meet their colleagues at off sites.
We are strong believers in trust and autonomy. To make this work we want you to feel welcomed, valued, and respected. Let’s go further together!

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Don’t see a role? Reach out to us and let us know what interests you.